Group Meditations on Zoom have been a wonderful way of staying in touch with Clients and students and helping us all stay healthy through this huge transition. We have had great feedback!


I feel honoured to have been a part of Louise’s meditation group during Covid 19 Pandemic in April 2020.  Louise held a group via zoom 3 nights a week which really brought peace, calm and clarity to myself and,I am sure, the whole group. Louise has a lovely soothing voice and took me to some beautiful calming places which left me feeling calm and positive.        Thankyou for your amazing meditations and for being my Reiki Master Louise.

Sincerely, Donna Eldridge


Thank you Louise for running the mediation course through lockdown. In this difficult time of separation, it really helped me to feel a sense of togetherness, support and clarity. Each mediation session  kept my focus strong and brought a really strong feeling of peace and calm which has helped more than I can even put into words. Thank you so much.

Danielle Rogers-Clark


My gratitude to you to make me be part of this group . I used to feel sometimes so on my own and this was a channel to connect to ppl in similar frequency . I have not been regular and my apology for that some other priority came in between these. Now thinking of it I have to work on my self love more and need to put my foot down . The meditation session were great and the way you make us transport to another space was great . Thanks a ton for this space and creating a space and energy that we are all in this together and we will come out brighter stronger and wiser . Your warmth and your soul is so beautiful I wish to be more like you someday thanks a ton much love for the vibrations and connection and the energy space you created for me and others . Hope to see you in person.

Ranjula Ayathan


️Hi Louise, thank you for tonight. I’m still feeling the aftermath of all that energy running through me but I’ve just realised I feel really contented 🥰 Thank you

Debbie Poore


Thank you for the meditations… they have been so helpful to me for my confidence and for feeling part on a community. I am very grateful.

Kerensa Aiken


Wow that was an amazing meditation last night. I felt like a throbbing in my whole back, I slept the best I’ve slept for years woke in the same position as I went to sleep in, still with my hands on my heart, unbelievable, I wake so many times usually. Thank you

Nicola Easton


I’ve had the pleasure of joining in with a few of Louise’s on line meditations  in the midst of Covid they’ve been very welcomed. Louise’s delivery of relaxing, meditations have helped transport me to beautiful places and helped me build up inner strength and resolve. Making time for regular meditations has helped me deal with life and support others in these strange times. Louise has such a soothing voice and uses such lovely imagery it’s impossible not to enjoy. Thank you Louise x

Tracie D’Souza