Meet the Team

BSc (Hons) G.S.R., Dip.Phys., MCSP.HPC., ACPEM., RGRT., LFHom(physio), GHR.

Director and Founder of 2Evolve Practice 2001 & The Freedom Centre in 2015. Specialising in complex conditions of the mind and body, Louise utilises an advanced synergistic approach, drawing on her vast experience with a myriad of therapies to bring a state of balance back to each patient.

Louise is a Health Strategist and Speaker and is currently writing her first book called The Energy Matrix, due for publication in late 2020. A Chartered Physiotherapist, Graduate Sports Rehabilitator, Wellness Practitioner, Reiki Master-Teacher (Reiki Council Verified), Complementary Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Medical Intuitive. She has drawn on her diverse training and experience and has created her unique therapeutic approach ‘Energy Matrix Healing’.

Her Physiotherapy experience includes Sadlers Wells Theatre, London, Central School of Ballet, London, Leyton Orient FC and Enfield & Haringey AC. She has also practised from The renowned Hale Clinic London.

Private Healthcare Treatment available. Registered with The Chartered Society Of Physiotherapy (CSP), Association Of Chartered Physiotherapists in Energy Medicine (ACPEM), The Faculty of Homeopathy (LFHom Physio), The Reiki Guild (RGRT), The International Hyperbarics Association (IHA). The General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and the Health Professions Council (HPC). An ethical, professional and confidential service is guaranteed at all times.

Tracey is a Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist & Laughter Yoga Leader. She incorporates other modalities including: Inner Child Healing, Energy Clearing & Balancing, Holistic Massage, Theta Healing, Reiki & Reiki Drum, Meditation, Angel Card Readings, End of Life guidance for both humans & animals.

She has had a lifelong interest in Past lives, having regular spontaneous Past Life recall as a child and an avid interest in all things Metaphysical in particular Quantum energy and the Mind, Body, Emotion connection. With a profound belief in the body’s ability to heal itself she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience to help others on their self awareness and healing Journey, reconnecting them to their infinite selves. Tracey completed her training in Hypnosis & Regression Training with the Past Life Regression Academy (PLRA) and since setting up her own practice has become a Supervisor for new students and is in the final stages of  training with Andy Tomlison, Academy Director of Training and Janet Treloar, Academy Director of Supervision, to become an Hypnosis & Regression Trainer for the PLRA.

Tracey also provides Wellness Support at The Freedom Centre and is one of our qualified Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Operators.

Kim first qualified in 1996. After becoming unwell she regained her health using Natural Therapies which then inspired her to qualify as a practitioner, wanting to help others in a positive way.  It changed her life forever. Kim practises Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage. A combination of two Therapies in one session is very beneficial providing a feeling of deep relaxation and comfort. This natural way to good health inspires Kim and her passion is in supporting others to regain their health & Wellbeing in this way.

Kim is part of the Wellness Support Team at the Freedom Centre.

Aiga’s holistic health approach started several years ago due to the health of her daughter. Through her experience at that time, Aiga came to the conclusion that orthodox medicine weakens the body and immune system. Complementary or alternative medicine is the way to maintain health without disturbing the natural flora in the body.

Aiga is a Scenar Therapist, which is a modern technology device and stands for: Self-Controlling-Energy-Neuro-Adapting-Regulator. It can be used to help both acute and chronic pain. Aiga was trained by one of the Scenar inventors, Professor Alexander Revenko. She is also a qualified ITEC massage therapist specialising in Swedish massage with deep tissue massage elements. Having massage regularly has many benefits, it can nourish your skin with oxygen and nutrients, improve skin elasticity, normalising breathing and help to lower your blood pressure. Massage stimulates the nervous system helping the body renew. Renew, Relax, Restore, Replenish!

Nicola Easton worked as a Chef, running her own business for many years. She had always been interested in Complimentary therapies but this was brought to the fore when she had fertility problems and was helped to conceive with a combination of holistic therapies becoming a mother for the first time at 42. She then went on to complete her first Reiki Healing course and over the next 12 years developed her practice, studying Reiki on animals and then going on to complete her Reiki level 3 Mastership with Louise Segui. Registered with The Reiki Guild, she will be completing her Reiki Council Verification in the coming year.

Nicola is also part of the Wellness Support Team at The Freedom Centre.

Robyn was drawn to Yoga in 2012, first trying a class at a local gym in East London. The class left her curious to learn more. Her passion for health, mindfulness and living in tune with nature, translates into classes that aim to invigorate the body and deepen the connection to the Self. Robyn believes that by letting go of tension, we can heal our body, mind and souls. Classes are strong, nourishing and fluid, in typical Vinyasa style. Inspiration drawn from the chakras, elements, music and her personal practice.”Through study of vinyasa flow and yin yoga; my classes are designed to create deep healing through awareness of emotions and mind-body connection. Development of strong foundations and functional stability to keep us grounded in our busy lives; flows are designed to nourish the nervous system and take us out of stress-mode. Serene space provided invites quietude of mind, release of emotional burden and connection back to Highest Self.

Robyn is part of The Wellness Support Team at The Freedom Centre and is training to qualify as a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber operator.

Annette Schaefer has worked for over 30 years as a Heilpraktiker (Naturopathic Doctor) and Psychotherapist in Germany in her private practice. Now practising from The Freedom Centre in Hastingwood, her work includes Bioresonance Therapy, Allergy Testing, Blood testing, Acupuncture, Vitamin & Mistletoe Injections, Homeopathy, Massage, Chiropractic Therapy and Tibetan Sound Bowl Massage. Her body-psychotherapy involves couple therapy, mindfulness and nature based work in the outside world.

Lee Harrold is a Certified Cognitive Hypnotherapist, and NLP Practitioner, Quest Institute Trained and QCHPA and NCH Registered. He specialises in helping clients overcome challenges such as anxieties, fears, addictions, habits, fears & phobias and those just looking for help with negative feelings. He is fortunate to have a family background in therapy, his Father is a best selling author in Hypnotherapy. After spending many years studying Vedic spirituality knowledge in India this foundation led me to pursue a full time career as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist. As a therapist his approach is caring and empathetic but also very skilled in getting to the heart of problems. Through therapy, you can start to re-align the unconscious mind that is causing the problems and connect you to your conscious self. This way you will learn who you are, and what you are able to become.

If you are facing problems with anxiety, depression, fears & phobias, insecurity, co-dependency or just feel there is something missing in your life then therapy can allow you to make amazing changes within your life & whilst establishing joy, peace & connection within yourself.

Kojo has worked in the health and fitness industry since 2009. His mission long before entering this industry was always to help people become better versions of themselves. He sought top practitioners in the holistic health field Dr Kucera, Dr. Richard Bandler, Paul Chek, Dave Fleming, SPIRIT, to name a few and it brought him to where he is today. Kojo bridges the gap between modern day science with Spirit Science. He offers Cryotherapy and Electromagnetic Therapy to assist in pain and inflammation management, mindful movement therapy based on Dr. Guy Voyer’s Somatraining methodology, to help correct physical imbalances and energy therapy, Neuro-Chi, a neurological energy based therapy to dive deeper, normalising brain body communication. Kojo can help assist people at whatever stage they are ready to receive healing, physical and non-physical.