Services and Products

We offer a wide selection of Treatments, Services and Classes

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (HBOT)

Powerful reduction of pain and inflammation, supports recovery from Neurological disorders, Stroke, Diabetes, and many other conditions. Encourages systemic regeneration and can be used for its Anti-Ageing effects. Home Rental can be arranged, which includes training and support.

Lucia No3 Hypnogogic light experience


Hynotherapy & NLP

Past Life Regression

Energy Matrix Healing with Louise Segui

Massage Therapy - Remedial, Holistic or Deep tissue

Peat Hyperthermia Mud Bathing


Sports Thai Massage

Bioresonance, Allergy Testing

Bioresonance is both a screening tool and a therapeutic treatment for allergies, parasites, hormonal disturbances, EMF's, immune system conditions and so much more. Pain free, quick and effective. Safe for children too.

Scenar Therapy

Exercise Classes – Yoga

Touch for Health® Kinesiology

Therapeutic Cancer Care


Emotional Freedom Technique

Pregnancy Massage / Wellness

Aromatherapy Massage

Private Health Insurance Accepted

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Indian Head Massage

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Life Coaching

Geopathic Stress Clearance

Reiki Healing Training Courses

Usui Reiki Ryoho courses Levels 1 - 4. Train for your own personal self care or complete a Professional certification to become a Reiki Practitioner, Reiki-Master Practitioner or Reiki Master-Teacher

Sports Massage

Crystal Healing

Nerve Express – Health Screening

Flower Essences

Low Level Light Therapy

Inversion Table

Reiki Healing & Reiki Drum

Far Infra Red Sauna Therapy

Organic Facials


Holistic Physiotherapy

Blood Testing and IV Infusions

We provide full blood tests, with report and analysis by our Haematologist. Also IV infusions are available for Anti-Ageing, Wellness, Skin Lightening, Total Hydration and Sports Performance.

Ear Acupuncture

Theta Healing

Heart Math Training


Our weekly events include Gong Baths, Shamanic Workshops, Reiki courses, Raw Food Masterclass, Meditation classes and self development workshops. These are posted on our telegram group, please contact us to be added to the group